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RAWHIDE II: DIRTY DEEDS Directed by Andre Madness Starring Bree Olson & Kayden Kross

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An evil land developer (Bree Olson) wants to steal Kayden Kross' ranch out from under her pretty blonde ass! But Kayden's willing to do anything to keep her home! You've never seen Bree so bad...and hot! She demands casual sex from her henchmen and women! Face full of cock or lips-on-labia, it's all the same. Local sheriff Evan Stone looks after Kayden's physical needs since she lost her man. Those needs include a good dicking! Bree's lust for power, land and pussy knows no limits. See her laugh with lusty pleasure as she fondles a huge dildo and sits on Jenna Haze's face. Tori Black resists Bree's bi-sexuality for a chance at some real cock. A stranger (Tommy Gunn) drifts in looking for work at Kayden's ranch and inside her jeans. Bree attempts to lure Tommy away with her favorite pair of titty bar dancers, busty knock-outs Alanah Rae and Angie Savage. They tear up the stage with slit-lovin', hip-grindin', tit-shakin' moves! At the same time a waitress (Nicole Ray) puts out to pay off a debt with a sloppy-wet blow-job in the men's room! Witness pent-up desire unleashed in a ball-draining, puss-pleasing romp when Kayden and Tommy finally get it on!
Added on Apr 6, 2010 by cam6org
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  Rawhide  Western  Adam  Eve  adameve  Andre  Madness  Bree  Olson  Kayden  Kross  Tommy  Gunn  Evan  Stone  Tori  Black  Marcus  London  Jenna  Haze  Kristina  Rose  Anthony  Rosano  Alanah  Rae  Angie  Savage  Nicole  Ray  Tony  De  Sergio 
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